British Airways

The operation starts with a field activity:
a British Airways flight crew invite people experience in ‘mixed reality’ one of the promotional destinations with the chance to win two free tickets.

Go big or stay home
Our flight crew invite people to sail the canals of Little Venice, London, in an original gondola, the most famous Venetian boat.
The sound of the water, the gondolier’s spoken Italian and the VR headset recreate a fully immersive experience of this charming destination.

From town to town

In London China town the BA flight crew offer a ride on an original hutong pedicab.
The wind in the hair, the smell of Chinese food, and the VR headset will let people grasp a glimpse of a beautiful day in Bejing.

The core of the promotion is in the British Airways app: every weekend users will receive a notification
revealing the promotional destination of the week coming up.
Through the app, they will engage in an augmented reality game with the possibility to get discounts on BA tickets.
How? By finding places in their cities that remind them of the promo destination which is now, thanks to British Airways, only a short distance away.

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